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Reflection: Veterans Day 2017

billy/ November 11, 2017/ Holiday, People, Reflection

Each year on or around Veterans Day (and many other holidays) I like to pause to reflect on the day–its meaning and how and why the day is observed in our culture. Since the advent of social media, Veterans Day in particular becomes a day for a collective pause. I see updated profile photos of many of my friends as

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Reflection: Marine Corps Marathon 2017

billy/ November 1, 2017/ Reflection

For half a decade, Jamie and I have made an annual commitment to train and to run the Marine Corps Marathon and coordinate a charity team for Nuru International. In 2013, it started with a group of my friend Jake’s classmates from the United States Naval Academy expressing a desire to participate in an effort to raise funds and awareness

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Rocky Mountain Sunset

billy/ October 28, 2017/ Reflection

Earlier this year, I had the privilege of sharing at ÜberConf, a software developer conference near Denver, Colorado. West Virginia is definitely home, but Colorado is a pretty special place too. I mean, Colorado and West Virginia are both states that John Denver chose to write songs about, so I’m not alone in my appreciation. From the hotel where my

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Refraction, Reflection, and Slowing Down

billy/ September 6, 2017/ Reflection, Uncategorized

The photo above is an image of the Grand Prismatic Spring at Yellowstone National Park. I took that photo this past July while traveling with my family. When I was in primary school, we had a school-wide and then a county-wide science fair each year. One of the first experiments I can remember doing involved refracting or bending light and

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