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Reflection: In Remembrance Of A Tribal Elder

billy/ November 2, 2017/ Uncategorized

A few weeks ago, I received a message and saw an image on social media that announced the departure of Jack “Flying Duck” Nealefrom this world to the next. My mind went immediately to his family, and praying for their loss. Travel prevented me from attending his funeral, and my pace of life has prevented me from writing about this

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Review: The Strenuous Life by Theodore Roosevelt

billy/ October 31, 2017/ Uncategorized

During spring 2016, I spent several weeks reading through a three-part biography of Teddy Roosevelt, and it led me want to dive into his writings even more. Among the books read was a series of essays and addresses called The Strenuous Life. The book was published before Roosevelt became President, and includes some biographical sketches of hardships he was able

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Refraction, Reflection, and Slowing Down

billy/ September 6, 2017/ Reflection, Uncategorized

The photo above is an image of the Grand Prismatic Spring at Yellowstone National Park. I took that photo this past July while traveling with my family. When I was in primary school, we had a school-wide and then a county-wide science fair each year. One of the first experiments I can remember doing involved refracting or bending light and

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