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Review: The Strenuous Life by Theodore Roosevelt

billy/ October 31, 2017/ Uncategorized

During spring 2016, I spent several weeks reading through a three-part biography of Teddy Roosevelt, and it led me want to dive into his writings even more. Among the books read was a series of essays and addresses called The Strenuous Life. The book was published before Roosevelt became President, and includes some biographical sketches of hardships he was able

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Rocky Mountain Sunset

billy/ October 28, 2017/ Reflection

Earlier this year, I had the privilege of sharing at ÜberConf, a software developer conference near Denver, Colorado. West Virginia is definitely home, but Colorado is a pretty special place too. I mean, Colorado and West Virginia are both states that John Denver chose to write songs about, so I’m not alone in my appreciation. From the hotel where my

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